Economic Justice Programmes

Our programmes advance social justice, promote equitable economic development that realises socio-economic rights, and ensure a thriving, democratic, environmentally sustainable, and inclusive economy that places the needs of the majority at the centre.

The projects of the IEJ have coalesced into six programmatic areas.

These fill important gaps in the research terrain.

  • Climate, energy and infrastructure, interrogating how climate breakdown disproportionately impacts workers and communities and foregrounding economic strategies which can help to tackle the climate emergency through mitigation and adaptation efforts.
  • Feminist economics, focusing on research, associated policy, and advocacy on economies of care, precarious work, and feminist macroeconomic policy, in addition to feminist economics education and community building initiatives.
  • Macroeconomic policy, projects including participatory budgeting that advances economic development, socio-economic rights realisation and tax justice; and monetary and financial sector policy analysis, both in South Africa and across Africa.
  • Social security and workers’ rights, specifically focusing on living wages, redistribution, social security, public employment and the need for new frameworks to promote decent work, and new forms of community labour organising.
  • New economic futures, with a focus on rethinking economics, to bolster progressive economic thinking; building a community at the intersection of economics and human rights; and reimagining economic alternatives.
  • Special projects, currently concentrating on COVID-19 relief, rescue, and recovery.

The IEJ is about to embark on producing a three-year strategic plan and so the programmatic elements may evolve.