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We participate in a range of events aimed at encouraging involvement in dialogue around the economic status of our country and what we can do to effect change. Event formats differ depending on the objective and who we are trying to reach, but include workshops, briefings, seminars and press conferences.

Here's the timeline of how the Budget process unfolds after the Budget Speech. Public submissions are made to Parliamentary Committees and @TreasuryRSA responds.

Support @budgetjusticesa in advocating for a human rights budget. Read it's submission here 👉http://ow.ly/jk4t50DOLvW

Watch the @budgetjusticesa present their submission to the Select and Standing Committees on Finance Budget 2021 |1130am 3 March 2021 http://ow.ly/5qMf50DOGEq

1/3. Read @budgetjusticesa submission to Parliamentary Committee on Finance: https://bit.ly/3bV8NhH

The BJC is presenting the submission to Parliament arguing that the 2021 Budget is an austerity budget & withdraws the state from its constitutional responsibilities.

Read our post budget statement here👉https://www.iej.org.za/the-budget-2021-slashing-public-expenditure-places-the-economy-at-risk/

@tito_mboweni has once again told us that ‘there is no alternative’ to austerity. @GovernmentZA is spending less on health, education & public services. Due to the social impact caused by COVID-19 this is irresponsible

[BUDGET SPEECH] If you are confused about the impact of the #Budget2021 like us, join us next week Monday as we deconstruct the measures with @SubiBuseko from @IEJ_SA in a FB Live.
Join us here 🔗https://bit.ly/3aUeTzP

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