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IEJ submission on the 2023 Medium-Term Expenditure Framework

IEJ Pre-Budget Submission on 2023 MTEF

In this submission to National Treasury, submitted on 19 August 2022, the IEJ sets out its proposals for the 2023 Medium-Term Expenditure Framework.

At the outset we highlight the need for fiscal policy in the country to reflect a human-rights based and feminist approach to budgeting. We do this by laying out how the current fiscal strategy is at odds with these principles, by expanding on an alternative human rights approach, and by proposing key areas for change followed by a set of concrete recommendations.

We believe that the MTEF should reflect four key areas: mobilising maximum available resources for rights realisation; upholding the principles of non-retrogression and progressive realisation through the extension and improvement of the grant system and in particular the introduction of a Universal Basic Income Guarantee (UBIG); prioritising investments in social infrastructure; and addressing the energy and climate crisis.

All of this requires reforming fiscal policy to tackle unemployment, poverty and inequality as opposed to the current narrow focus on debt stabilisation.