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We participate in a range of events aimed at encouraging involvement in dialogue around the economic status of our country and what we can do to effect change. Event formats differ depending on the objective and who we are trying to reach, but include workshops, briefings, seminars and press conferences.

A recent article by @GiladIsaacs & @Sonia_Phalatse also highlights how African countries have struggled to respond to the pandemic due to debt and they argue for debt relief and cancellation.

Read it here -

A global debt deal is needed, one that does not leave any country behind. It must involve debt cancellation and the recognition of the importance of social spending and the building out of public services, including health:

#PublicDebt #HumanRights

The decision to extend the Covid #Grant to 2022 reveals NB things about SA's political economy:
🤔Policy makers seem unable to respond to crises facing SA: wouldn't have happened without the recent tragic events & tireless pressure from organisations campaigning for the grant

Join tomorrow as @black_sash unpacks their research into the impacts of the Covid SRD Grant & what this suggests for a #BIG

Register here:
Report available here:

Tomorrow, an important call for building united movement towards a #BIG
Topic: BIG campaign strategy session
Time: Jul 27, 2021 10:00 AM Johannesburg
@PayTheGrants @black_sash @PLAASuwc @AmandlaMobi @WWMP_SA @budgetjusticesa

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