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Launch of the Institute for Economic Justice

The IEJ is a new economic policy think-tank located in South Africa. By acting as a research, policy and advocacy hub, the IEJ provides policy makers and progressive social forces in South Africa, and the region, with access to rigorous economic analysis and coherent policy options. These form the basis for economic interventions which materially improve the lives of ordinary people.

The IEJ fills important gaps in the research and policy terrain while connecting progressive civil society organisations with relevant research and policy networks. Interventions proposed by the IEJ seek to advance social justice and reduce inequality (along race, class, gender and other lines), promote equitable economic development that realises socio-economic rights, and ensure a thriving, democratic, environmentally sustainable, and inclusive economy that places the needs of the majority at the centre.

The work of the IEJ contributes towards changing the national dialogue around economics, allowing space for diversity of thought and greater participation. The Rethinking Economics Festival convened by the IEJ, with our partners, is an important first step in this direction. We are pleased to use this occasion as a platform for the public launch of this exciting initiative.

Keynote address
The trajectory of economic thought in Africa and the implication for economic policy
Professor Thandika Mkandawire

Mcebisi Jonas
Professor Jayati Ghosh


Sep 07 2018


05:00 PM - 09:30 PM