Feminist Economics Summer School

The study of feminist economics remains marginal within mainstream economic teaching, discourse, and policymaking in South Africa. There are currently no degrees dedicated to feminist economics in South African universities, with a relatively small number of economists doing important gendered economic analysis.

The inaugural Feminist Economics Summer School aims to promote feminist economics within economic teaching, research, policymaking and public discourse in South Africa. It seeks to challenge the prevailing dominance of Western forms of knowledge production and facilitated discussion on how best the content covered may be applied in the future work of the participants.

It is a 10-day Summer School, covering key topics in both micro and macro feminist economics. Approximately 20 applicants are taking part.

The long-term objective of the Feminist Economics Summer School is to raise the prominence of feminist economics amongst economic practitioners – academics, researchers, policymakers, students and activists – in Africa.

Feminist Economics Summer School Programme


Jan 20 2020 - Jan 31 2020


05:30 PM - 08:30 PM



Other Organizers

Wits University