FESS 2022

Feminist Economics Summer School 2022

8–14 MAY 2022 | Care and Economic Crises: History, Theory and Methodology of Feminist Economics

The theme for the second installation of the Feminist Economics Summer School (FESS) derived from a concern with the extent and ways in which feminist economics and feminist political economy has been able to respond to economic transitions over the course of the past four decades of structural adjustment in Africa, with some focus on the economic crises precipitated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Feminist scholars have been attentive to the ways in which economic crises have become a technique of global governance, showing for instance, how responses to economic crises often suppress calls for the overhaul of neoliberal governance and tend to retrench its influence in the global political economy, with disastrously gendered impacts.

Furthermore, feminist economics has long sustained its demand for a new development paradigm that is not based on economic growth, and whose primary indicator is not the average Gross Domestic Product (GDP),which tends to conceal the non-monetary but essential activities which take place outside of markets but are essential for the economy as a whole.

The programme booklet, with more information on FESS 2022, the programme, attendees and speakers is available here.


May 08 2022 - May 14 2022


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