Policy briefs

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, South Africa’s real GDP for 2020 is forecast to fall by 10 %, with accompanying job losses of up to 1 million jobs. Government’s rescue package of R41 billion is clearly insufficient. This Policy Brief provides a detailed emergency rescue package for the South African economy more in-line with global best practise and the needs of the South African economy. Costing estimates and funding sources are discussed.

Read more about the steps the IEJ along with civil society partners, @AmandlaMobi, @black_sash, @CALS_ZA, @PayTheGrants & @SPI_OfficialZA, are taking to hold government accountable for the #R350 SRD grants crisis - https://mailchi.mp/iej.org.za/statement-civil-society-takes-government-to-court-on-r350-srd-grant

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