Statement – Devastating proposals to replace the SRD grant with a jobseekers, caregivers, and/or household grant will exclude millions of poor people, and are regressive, unworkable and unconstitutional

Front page of statement

South Africa is facing a dire socio-economic crisis with widespread poverty, persistent and high unemployment and growing hunger. While its value is grossly inadequate and there have been myriad problems with its administration, the R350 Covid-19 SRD grant has played a critical role in providing support to some of the most vulnerable people who bear […]

Informal Economy Sector

In response to the 2018 Job Summit priorities of inclusive growth and redistribution and (small and) micro enterprise development

Small and Medium Businesses

The National Development Plan (NDP) (2011) argues that small and medium businesses will create 90% of new jobs by 2030.

Public Sector Jobs

There is a view, repeatedly advanced in the media, by conservative forces in society, and some academics, that the public sector in South Africa is bloated

Training Layoff Scheme

The ‘Framework for South Africa’s Response to the International Economic Crisis’ introduced the Training Layoff Scheme (TLS)

Skill Formation

Education and training cannot create jobs. Supply does not create its own demand.