The South African economy has faced a slowdown since the end of the metals boom in 2011.

Agriculture and Land Reform

Can land reform be undertaken in a way that creates more employment, and livelihood opportunities through self-employment


Tax management in South Africa suffers from a number of problems.


The traditional South African approach by economists, business and government to solving the country’s unemployment challenge revolves around addressing issues

Monetary Policy

Both the goals and instruments of “monetary policy” in South Africa do not reflect the South African developmental objectives they are supposed to serve.

Informal Economy Sector

In response to the 2018 Job Summit priorities of inclusive growth and redistribution and (small and) micro enterprise development

Small and Medium Businesses

The National Development Plan (NDP) (2011) argues that small and medium businesses will create 90% of new jobs by 2030.

Public Sector Jobs

There is a view, repeatedly advanced in the media, by conservative forces in society, and some academics, that the public sector in South Africa is bloated